Introducing Family of Four

I am a firm believer of community over competition, especially in the photography world. There is so much knowledge out there for everyone to learn and so many people in this world to photograph! Everyone has their own unique style and no two photographers are the exact same. Moving to Hawaii I knew no other photographers. No community or network of fellow business owners. Thankfully I was quickly able to make connections with a wonderful group of women (and men) who are not only military spouses but they are also photographers. This group has opened doors for me to learn and grow in my work, network with other business owners, and meet some incredible friends (Shout out to Erica and Melissa!) I have been able to grow my photography skills the last few months more than I ever thought I could. I have been pushed to reach out of my comfort zone.

The three of us have been planning a session with Melissa and her family by the planes for weeks. Last weekend was finally the time that we were able to get together and shoot. Erica and I have shot together in the past and work well together. This made the shoot fun which in return resulted in double the photos for the session. (Always a win for the client!) When you get a family together for a shoot it is always fun to see how well the children will react. What will they do? What pose will you get or miss? How will you pose a family that has smaller children? Let’s just say Miss “C” kept us on our toes that night and I loved every moment of it. Working with Melissa and her family was great. I enjoy working with other photographers because you both speak the photographer language. They usually pose themselves and you are able to get poses you wouldn’t have thought of.

I am going to be completely raw and honest right now, I was terrified of this session. Not because of the family but because I didn’t want to mess up this session and the photos. Melissa and her family haven’t had family photos since “C” was a few months old and that was way over a year and a half ago. Melissa and her husband haven’t had professional photos of just the two of them since their wedding 5 years ago. I walked into this session with a lot of weight on my shoulders to get this right. I had to give them the perfect photos of not just them as a couple but their now family of four. I wanted to nail this session especially having another photographer as a client. Getting the message from Melissa after I delivered her gallery left me smiling from ear to ear because I knew I had given her everything she could have wanted in the session.

This family is absolutely perfect, even the un-posed and lifestyle shoots. I enjoy telling a story with my photography and I believe that I did with this session. These are just a few of my favorite from their session!